A woman holding out a phone with graphic images of
A woman holding out a phone with graphic images of
Digital Advertising
All print ads include a clickable digital version of the print artwork, with upgrade options available.

Digital homepage and article page banners are also available in our online publications.
Both publications offer either homepage (landing page of publication) banners at the bottom of the page, or article pages within the text of multiple articles within that issue.* *Limited by availability.
For Leadership magazine digital ad pricing and reservations, contact sales rep Diana Granger at granger@cwo.com or 530.642.0111.
See below for EdCal digital ad pricing. For reservations or more information, contact Emily Agpoon at eagpoon@acsa.org.
School administrators can be old school. They continue to want the tangibility of their publications in print.
That being said, they also highly value the convenience and readability of our interactive and responsive digital editions, which allow worldwide open access and one-click sharing from any device, anywhere.

Our digital publications reach the right people at the right price.


views in the past year, an average of 1,400 a week
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A hand holding a phone with a graphic stream of so


shares in the past year, an average of 600 a week


of our readers view the online version on their phone
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Advertisers receive a horizontal banner ad on the bottom of the front page or on article pages of the online edition with placement TBD at or below the fold. Placement is limited by availability. EdCal Ad Deadline: Deadline for insertion and artwork is 12:00 p.m. the Monday prior to first publication date (minimum is either 3 or 10 consecutive issues). See all options.
Leadership Ad Deadline: Deadline for insertion and artwork is as listed on the current themes and deadlines.
Banner Ad Specs
Banner size is 1,500 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, 200dpi. JPEG, PNG or GIF files only. Artwork must adhere to advertising terms and conditions. Animated GIFs are accepted. (Optional mobile size: 800 pixels x 600 pixels, 200dpi.)
Animations and Links Basic animations are included if requested. Animation options are: fade in, fade up and slide in.
Custom links can be provided.
See sample banners.
Digital Print Ad Upgrades
When you purchase a print ad in either publication, it will appear as an RGB version of the print artwork at no additional cost to you. Full-page ad appear on a unique page, while all other sizes appear at the bottom of one article page. The ad is clickable with either a link listed in the ad itself (by default) or a link you provide to us.
If you choose, you can upgrade the digital version of your print ad with one or more of the following options.
Placement Upgrade (not applicable for full-page ads) Additional $100: Your ad will appear within the text of three articles, placement TBD at or below the fold. You can also provide a digital-ready banner ad with this upgrade per the specs above and add basic animation. Artwork Upgrade Additional $50: Provide digital-ready artwork for the online edition, including animated GIFs, banner ads or revised ads that are more mobile-friendly than your print version. Animation Upgrade Additional $50: Your digital ad will have a basic animation added to it. Options are fade in, fade up or slide in.
Standard homepage/article page banner in Leadership or EdCal
Animated homepage/article page banner in Leadership or EdCal
Browse, search and filter EdCal digital ad options below.
Browse EdCal digital ad options below.